Plato, The Father of Philosophy Statue

Socrates writing Plato

Plato, The Father of Philosophy Statue

Today’s exclusive Plato sculpture pays homage to the ancient Greek philosopher who explored some of life’s most pivotal concepts including knowledge, mathematics, science, death, the universe and human happiness. Sculpted atop a pillared pedestal bearing Plato’s well-known quotes, this collectible Greek philosopher statue is cast in quality designer resin and finished in faux bronze.  This ancient Greek philosopher sculpture will be a stunning addition to your home or gallery.

Let’s talk more about the philosopher Plato. Plato was a devoted student the leading philosopher of the time known as Socrates, . Plato’s writings differ from those of other philosopher’s because he wrote in the form of dialogues  or discussions with two or more characters, and not simply in essay form. The Republic was Plato’s best known dialogue and some say the most important of the first half of the fourth century bce. This dialogue was divided into 10 books, with topics such as Plato’s vision of a perfect government and the definition of justice, this work presented the question ” How should one live?”

Plato would often use Socrates as a character who would frequently question others of what they proclaimed  to know.  This character used a method of asking others pointed questions that would force one to rethink their beliefs. Often causing them to doubt what they first believed. In life Socrates never wrote as Plato did, so much of what we know of Socrates comes from Plato’s writings.  Historians have attributed the Socrates character of Plato’s dialogues to the real life Socrates.

I have included an  old thirteenth century illustration in this post.  It shows Socrates writing to Plato. I thought this would be a nice addition to our discussion. This concludes today’s topic but please feel free to comment your favorite quotes of Plato. Or if your new to Plato, our sculpture lists four of his well-known sayings to get you started in the world of Greek Philosophy.


Well-known Plato quotes.
well-known quotes of the philosopher Plato.
Plato philosophy statue.
Homage to Plato philosophy statue.

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