Beauty and the beast

Historical Proof about the Real Life Story of Beauty and the Beast

The Real Life Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most beloved stories. And We love a good story here at Treasure Box Greetings, it has inspired today’s featured Items.  But Before we get to that, Let’s chat about the real Beauty and the Beast.  You will be surprised to find that the real life story didn’t go quite the same as the movies or books.  At the Ambras Castle’s Chamber of Art and Curiosities, there are rare portraits of a Petrus Gonsalvus and his wife Catherine who’s story could’ve possibly  influenced the  famous 1740  French fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast.  According to the Smithsonian Channel  Gonsalvus was born with a rare genetic condition that causes the growth of hair all over the body. It was called Hypertrichosis or Ambras Syndrome. (It’s reported that only 50 cases currently exist today). Gonsalvus was sent to Henry II of France in a cage as a gift.  In France Henry II felt it was his duty to turn this “Wildman” Into a gentleman.  As a result the social status of Petrus Gonsalvus rose,  affording him better opportunities.  Gonsalvus’s wife Catherine was chosen for him, they had children and became a wider display of curiosity. In their final days they were finally able to live peacefully in the heart of Italy, far away from the commotion of their lives. As this is history, the question we all ask is, Did Catherine ever Love the Beast? and also at the register of their deaths, there is no mention of Gonsalvus. Was Petrus Gonsalvus considered an actual Beast and not worthy of proper recognition of death?  Please  feel free to check out the source links below for more information.  Also let us know your thoughts? Do you view the fairy tale differently now? or what myths have you heard?

Now to conclude, We present to you: something of BEAUTY with our “Chateau Beaumont Grand Clock and Candelabra Ensemble”. And something BEASTLY with our “Gargoyle Cathedral Illuminated Sculpture”. Both options give you the opportunity to curl up and read a good book on the tales of Love. Or you can check out the Smithsonian Channel ‘s history of the real Beauty and Beast from your tablet. Let us know….. Which do you love most Beauty or Beastly?

As always..Have a Treasured Day !! and  see you again Soon : )
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Gargoyle Gothic Table Lamp
Gargoyle Gothic Table Lamp
Chateau Beaumont Grand Clock and Candelabra Ensemble